For Sale

We have for sale Bulls and Females, and we are able to offer a variety of opportunities to anyone wanting to start a herd, large or small. There are some fine calves listed below. These are not the only ones we have, but give you a good idea of what's available. We have put them in order of date of birth.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the animals listed below, or have any specific requirements for others we may have for sale (including pigs and sheep), please complete the enquiry form and send it to us. We will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the details.



Click on a name to view the details:
Rosemead Quater Master S842
Rosemead Edinburgh S844
Rosemead Bobby Moore T848
Rosemead Evanda T851
Rosemead Powerhouse T855
Rosemead Master Blenham T859
Rosemead Earl Samson T866
Rosemead Jack Eric T868
Rosemead Edward T871
Rosemead Prince Elvis T873
Rosemead Mr Beadke T881
Rosemead Quiet Major T882
Rosemead Big Man T883
Rosemead Edwardlionheart T884
Rosemead Patrick T885
Rosemead Peter The Great T887
Rosemead Jasper T888
Rosemead Emperor T892
Rosemead Marler Boy T893
Rosemead Bright Man T894
Rosemead James Haskell T896
Rosemead Edward T899
Rosemead Prince T903
Rosemead Bell Man T904
Rosemead Edwardlionheart T907
Rosemead Jeneral T909
Rosemead Kingdom T910
Rosemead Edinburgh T912




We always have a selection of females for sale. Please contact us for pricing. Click here to view the females