For Sale

We have for sale Bulls and Females, and we are able to offer a variety of opportunities to anyone wanting to start a herd, large or small. There are some fine calves listed below. These are not the only ones we have, but give you a good idea of what's available. We have put them in order of date of birth.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the animals listed below, or have any specific requirements for others we may have for sale (including pigs and sheep), please complete the enquiry form and send it to us. We will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the details.



Click on a name to view the details:
Rosemead Mr Banbury U009
Rosemead Jumping Jack U013
Rosemead Easyboy U014
Rosemead Bruno Mars U015
Rosemead Jack Eric U017
Rosemead Kingdom U018
Rosemead Quarter Master U019
Rosemead Geronimo U024
Rosemead Everest U028
Rosemead Emperor U034
Rosemead King Patrick U035
Rosemead Black Peter U037
Rosemead Blenheim Man U039
Rosemead Mr Beadle U040
Rosemead Patrick U041
Rosemead Black Peter U042
Rosemead Charley Boy U044




We always have a selection of females for sale. Please contact us for pricing. Click here to view the females

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